The second puppet theater laboratory "Ekiyat-LAB" starts at the "Ekiyat" puppet theater

18 January 2021, Monday

In the Tatar State Puppet Theater "Ekiyat" on January 18, the second puppet theater laboratory "Ekiyat-LAB" will start its work, which will last until January 22. The press service of the theater reports.

Within five days, the staff and actors of the "Ekiyat" puppet theater will need to do the work, which in the old days was not always done in a whole season. But the theater will solve several tasks at once: it will update the repertoire, involve most of the troupe, pamper the Kazan audience with a variety of performances at its venues and open a new direction - the creative laboratory of young directors. The artistic director of the theater, Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Tatarstan Ilgiz Zainiev noted that the theater laboratory has been held for the second year in order to reboot and train the troupe. The laboratory is a joint creation, a unique experience for all project participants. For artists, this is an additional opportunity to unleash their creativity and a great incentive for self-improvement. For the artists of the theatrical production workshop there is a chance to gain unique knowledge of working with new technologies and materials for the manufacture of decorations and dolls.

In total, it is planned to prepare sketches for three performances within the laboratory.


Note that exactly a year ago, in January 2020, the first puppet theater laboratory “Ekiyat-LAB” was held in “Ekiyat” for the first time. Six young directors and artists took part in the project: Marina Khomutova, Anna Evmenova, Lydia Klirikova, Natalia Salmanovich, Jisoo Kim and Choi Junhyng. All of them are students of Ruslan Kudashov,  chief director of the Bolshoi Puppet Theater of St. Petersburg, the puppet theater faculty of the RGISI. In total, the laboratory prepared sketches for three performances - two Russian and one Tatar. Two sketches - based on the poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky "This little book is about the seas and about the lighthouse" and on the work of Arkady Gaidar "The Tale of the Military Secret, about Boy-Kibalchish and his firm word" - were included in the theater's long-term plan for the release of new performances in 2020 2021 years. The premieres of the laboratory results will take place on February 19, 2021.


In the photo: fragments of the show of sketches of the First Puppet Theater Laboratory "Ekiyat-LAB", 2020




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