Minister of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan conducted a tour of the Kamala theater for bloggers and journalists of the republic

28 June 2021, Monday

At the G. Kamal   theater   Minister of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan Irada Ayupova met with bloggers and journalists.

 Together with  director of the Tatar State Academic Theater. G. Kamal Ilfir Yakupov and  head of the literary department of the theater after G. Kamal Niyaz Iglamov summed up the results of the theatrical season.

“The year was not easy. We are at the level of 2019 in terms of attendance at 70 percent load. Theater life is active. During the 2020/21 theatrical season, 64 premieres, 328 visiting performances, 86 charity performances were staged. Festivals are reviving - very successfully the festival of small towns was held in Naberezhnye Chelny. Now each event is perceived more as an exception than as a rule. We have opened a really cool exhibition - "Five symbols of happiness" (exhibition project of the State Hermitage in the Kazan Kremlin). I love symbolism, for me it is very interesting direction ", - noted Irada Ayupova.

 Minister of Culture said that at the Moscow Literary Institute   after Gorky, five target places were allocated for  training of professional literary translators through the Ministry of Culture of the Republic. The competition is already underway, the minister called on the guys who have passed the exam in literature and the Russian language with dignity to take part in this target recruitment.

Separately, Irada Ayupova noted the measures of financial "injections" into cultural projects.

So, just the other day, on June 21, a decree was issued approving the provision of subsidies at the expense of the republican budget to non-profit organizations to support crowdfunding projects in the field of culture. The minister considers this direction to be very interesting, because it is the people's projects that raise money by crowdfunding. And today a number of such projects can also receive state subsidies - in the ratio of 40/60%.

Of course, the development of  modern cultural sphere is unthinkable without grants. On June 15, the acceptance of applications for the competition for grants of  President of the Russian Federation started The Foundation for Cultural Initiatives is designed to support initiatives in the field of creative industries, and this concept has already been developed at the federal level.

- The very fact that the state today says: the potential for the future development of the country's economy lies in creativity - this is a very good marker, a very good story. Applications are being accepted until July 30. I urge everyone to take part in this contest, especially since the choice is very large - from individual entrepreneurs to non-profit organizations, municipal cultural institutions. If you have ideas, projects - please, - the minister summed up.

As for the reconstruction of the building, today the architects are working on its project. This building is 35 years old next year. The task is to renovate the building, but not to lose its familiar look for any Kazan citizen, but for now the theater is going on summer vacations.

Popular blogger Leyla Leron-Bakhmutova raised a topic actively discussed by her and her subscribers: the issue of animators on the main street of the capital. The blogger offered to arrange performances for  theaters, which closed the season near the Kremlin and on Bauman Street.

"The heroes of the performances could become a relaxing platform for their theaters, at the same time showing the national flavor of our capital," Leila believes.

Irada Ayupova, in response, invited the blogger to the Ministry of Culture for a detailed discussion of the issue and noted that the project would turn out to be very interesting.

After that, the guests were given a behind-the-scenes tour of the theater:  head of the literary department of the theater. G. Kamala Niyaz Iglamov showed sewing and props shops, wardrobe.

I could not answer the question of Kazan bloggers, how many suits there are, but joked that they always answer: a thousand and one.

 After the guests walked through all the backstage rooms, they were invited to go up to the roof of the theater - from there a beautiful view of the city opens, where bloggers rushed to "shoot content" and share their impressions of the bird's-eye views.

The evening ended with a viewing of the symbol of the Tatar theater, the legendary play "Zugur shul" ("Blue Shawl").

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