"The Queen of Spades" will open the XXXV International Festival named after F.I. Shalyapin

31 January 2017, Tuesday

February 1,  on the  stage of M. Jalil  Tatar Academic State Opera and Ballet a premiere of "The Queen of Spades" will  open the  XXXV International Festival after F. I. Shalyapin. Previous staging of the  outstanding opera by P.I. Tchaikovsky at Kazan took the stage 20 years ago;  recent years, performance was only in concert format.

According to director Yuri Alexandrov, "The Queen of Spades" (Opera, for which he repeatedly addressed throughout his creative activity) this time will be solved in a traditional way:  the play  expects  no  change of action and story time. This task corresponds to stage design and performance.  "The history of the card game, without which it is inconceivable,  "The  Queen of Spades ", has been implemented by us literally directly. Each playing card is divided into two halves: the top and bottom of the map mirror each other. Line of "middle "- a specially prepared floor where  as the inverted mirror shows what is happening in the "top" on the stage ", - noted theater artist Victor Gerasimenko involved in the performance artists of the choir, orchestra and ballet:  about 200 costumes at the workshops of the theater had been sewn.

The opera "The Queen of Spades" in the XXXV F.I. Shalyapin’s festival will sound twice -  February 1 and 2 February. Party of the Countess in the productions is  performed by People's Artist of Russia, a soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre Tatiana Erastova and  a soloist of the Moscow Novaya Opera Theatre  after  E.V.  Kolobova, Alexandra Saulsky-Shulyatyeva. In the role of Herman - Sergei Polyakov, a soloist of the Moscow Novaya Opera after E. V. Kolobova and Nikolai Erokhin, a soloist of   Moscow musical theater after K.S. Stanislavsky and Vl. I.  Nemirovich-Danchenko Oksana Kramareva (Taras Shevchenko National Opera House of Ukraine) and Marina Nerabeeva (Moscow Theatre New Opera   after E. V. Kolobova) will perform  the role of Lisa, and party of Prince  Eletski - soloists of the Mariinsky Theatre and Vladimir Moroz and  Vladimir Tselebrovsky.

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