Musical presentation of the book by Michael Kurtz «Sofia Gubaidulina. Biography»

9 February 2015, Monday

February 18 at 18.30 at the Small Hall of the Conservatory  a concert of contemporary music -  a musical presentation of the book by Michael Kurtz "Sofia Gubaidulina. Biography” will be held.

"We have all the time as a dancer on a tightrope. This is the fate of the artist - the way to the edge of a knife ... and very often - you fall ... "

Author of these  lines - Sofia Gubaidulina - not only the world-famous composer, a native of Kazan, when life has become a classic of contemporary music, but also amazingly deep, unique person. Her every interview - it's always brilliant and striking modern statements on various topics - culture, music, religion, politics...

For the first time in Kazan Center for Contemporary Music S.Gubaydulina, under subscription "Sound Space of  Sofia Gubaidulina '2014-15 season, holds a concert, which will be not just about music   by  S. Gubaidulina, but the words of  most prominent women - the composer, as well as excerpts from the book, which is still unknown to Russian readers: «Sofia Gubaidulina. Biography» by German musicologist and philosopher Michael Kurtz.

In addition to the premiere performance of the song cycle "Roses" by S. Gubaidulina on poems of the poet Gennady Aygi as well as the cycle  "On motifs  of  Tatar folklore" for piano and domra, the audience  is  waiting for the music composer V.Silvestrov with whom  S. Gubaidulina  marked a distinctive spiritual thread. "We meet as brothers" - the composer spoke about it and about Arvo Pyart (winner of "Grammy").

This evening in the walls of the Small Hall of the Kazan Conservatory program will perform winners of international competitions, teachers of the Moscow Conservatory composer and pianist Ivan Sokolov and singer Elena Zolotova, associate professor of  Kazan Conservatory,  Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan  Guzel Muhametdinova and People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan  Josephine Sokolsky, as well as soloists of  chamber orchestra "New music " under direction of  a  RT Deserved actress Anna Gulishambarova – permanent  project participants of the  Center for Contemporary Music.

This concert will be a real eye-opener not only for sophisticated audience, but also for those who are going to discover the name of the recognized masters, Press Service of the Department of Culture  of  IKMO Kazan.

Press Service

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan

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