Rustam Minnikhanov: "The Culture of Tatarstan enjoys a huge potential"

27 January 2015, Tuesday

In recent years, the  culture of Tatarstan has developed very rapidly, but today  it  should  face  new large-scale tasks. This was stated by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov   at a year’s end collegium  of the  RT Ministry of Culture, which was first held in the reconstructed Kazan Bolshoi Drama Theatre named after Kachalov.

Minister of Culture of Tatarstan Airat Sibagatullin noted in his report that 2014 was full of cultural events. It was the Year of Culture in Russia and in the Republic of Tatarstan,  the  year of inclusion of Bolgar  in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. Kazan in 2014, bore the title of the cultural capital of the Turkic world, and Opera and Ballet  named after Musa  Jalil celebrates its  140th anniversary.

According to the minister, the average wage in  culture    sector of Tatarstan for the last 2 years has increased by 76%. In 2014, 71 cultural institution carried out major repairs and reconstruction, built 51 new building, including 47 rural clubs.  25 objects of cultural heritage have been reconstructed.

"But the analysis of the current situation of the sector  presents us with new challenges - the minister said. - The first is the modernization of state  sector management. "

He also stated the need for cost optimization. In 2014, the expenditures of the consolidated budget of the republic on the cultural industries amounted to 10.29 billion rubles. Including more than 6 billion rubles - the national budget, 373 billion  - municipal funds, 466 million rubles - from the federal budget. About 80% of expenditure constitute  salaries and maintenance of buildings, while further improving wages without optimization will be difficult.

The volume  of extra-budgetary revenues of cultural institutions in 2014 amounted to 719 million rubles, which is 10% more than the previous year, including 496 million rubles in the national cultural institutions, 223 million - in the municipalities. Reserve revenue growth minister called improving accounting visits in municipal cultural institutions.

A separate report by the collegium  was dedicated to the development of cultural industries in the implementation of socio-economic development of Tatarstan until 2030. Report was presented by one of the developers of the strategy - Director of the Center for Applied Economic Research Higher School of Economics Tatyana Abankina. According to her, culture policymakers viewed as an important element of human capital development. Also,  the strategy proposes to use culture as a source of tourist attraction to  Tatarstan.


Flagship project of the sector envisaged in the strategy is development   of  creative cluster. This project is designed for 2016-2026 years, its cost is estimated at 1.4 billion rubles. The project seeks to strengthen state and municipal cultural sector, expanded reproduction of creative personnel, cooperation between culture and  education.

"All this will increase the attractiveness of Tatarstan for the world's cultural elite and provide a new level of human capital" -  Tatiana Abankina said.

According to her, support  for creative professions  will increase the share of creative products of the total exports from 0.2% to 8.5% and provide  positive  trade surplus of creative produce.

"Intellectual property should be a resource for the development of the republic" - finished her report T.Abankina.

RF Deputy Culture Minister Grigory Ivliev  welcomed the collegium  participants on behalf of the Federal Ministry. According to him, 2014 was a landmark in the field of culture, and the ministry itself has developed in the regions. In this case, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation uses in  his  work experience of Tatarstan, in particular, uses a typical plan   of  country club.

Activities of the republic's leadership, according to Gregory Ivliev,   successfully is  combined with federal policy in the field of culture. The inclusion of the ancient city of Bulgaria in the list of UNESCO, according to the deputy minister, testifies to the great cultural heritage of the Tatar people. "The experience of restoration of monuments in Tatarstan will be used for historical and cultural centers all over Russia", -  the deputy minister   said.

He said that the federal authorities will co-finance higher wages to workers of culture.

Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov first   of all  asked Gregory Ivlievto pass  personally thanks to the   RF  Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky  for the support  he  provides to Tatarstan in all its  endeavors. "I think all the new programs of the Ministry of Culture will be supported by us," - said R. Minnikhanov.

The Year of Culture, in his opinion, was very successful in Russia as a whole, and in Tatarstan. "We showed the identity of our country and its people", - said the President of Tatarstan.

He reminded  that only 30% of the  Tatars  of  Russian Federation  live in Tatarstan, and therefore called on the Ministry of Culture to support the Tatars  outside the Republic of Tatarstan   as well. "It's a lot of work that we, too, must carry out," - said Rustam Minnikhanov.

The work on inclusion  of  Sviyazhsk  in the UNESCO list should be continued, despite the difficult situation around the Russian foreign policy. "This is one of our sites, we are proud of, we put a lot of effort to restore it," -  the President of Tatarstan said.

Support, he said,  is necessary also for  other historical and cultural monuments in Tatarstan.

Fundamentals of state cultural policy, approved by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, according to Rustam Minnikhanov, are of great importance for the development of culture in the country.

Tatarstan President has called on the basis of creating  museums,  museum - educational centers, citing the example of Museum-Estate of Leo Tolstoy in Kazan, which after the reconstruction is planned to pass to  the school  №39  in Kazan. "The Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education should prepare the entire program for pupils   to  visiting  cultural events," - said Rustam Minnikhanov.

He also reminded  broad possibilities of IT-technologies and proposed actively implement them in the library, the museum business.

Preparations for the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory, according to Rustam Minnikhanov, is one of the most important tasks for the Ministry of Culture in 2015. "We must preserve the historical justice and decent attitude to our heroes," -  the President of Tatarstan said.

The question of personnel for cultural industries, according R.Minnihanov is difficult. In particular, Tatarstan President appealed to the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation to consider ways to support the Kazan branch of the Surikov Art College.

R. Minnikhanov confirmed that the leadership of Tatarstan would  continue to  work on the restoration and improvement of national museums. "There are  a very successful museums, and there are not very popular, and we  should  work on them," -  the President of Tatarstan  said.

"Culture is promoting tourism, we are working on this,  we have created the brand" Legacy of Tatarstan. "And should continue to work on its  progressing , "- said Rustam Minnikhanov.

Turning to the Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Grigory Ivliev he urged a greater focus on tolerance and peaceful coexistence of peoples of different nationalities and religions in the country.   R. Minnikhanov proposed to use the experience of Tatarstan in this matter.

"I believe that we have  a  huge potential - President of Tatarstan  stated in  conclusion of his speech. - In the past year, much has been done, but much remains to be done. Your sector  is doing a lot for the spiritual enrichment of people. I would like to thank the staff of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan  for the work   done  and wish them a new  successes. "

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President of the Republic of Tatarsta

 Mikhail Mironov

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