An exhibition of the art project "After the Icon" was opened in Sviyazhsk

5 April 2021, Monday

On April 3, an exhibition of the art project "After the Icon" was opened in the Exhibition Hall of the Museum of the History of Sviyazhsk.

Our visual environment is filled with design, our visual experience has long been made up of pixels from various screens. And somewhere in the workshop, a mosaicist pricks smalt. The embroiderer sticks a needle into the canvas. Why, why? You can print everything. In an era when icon painting and traditional forms of liturgical art have turned into more or less automatic copying, the exhibition contains emphatically personal and living works. In the era after the Icon, authenticity is born.

The project "After the Icon" is a collection of works by a group of artists and icon painters. The coordinator is Anton Belikov, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, artist and researcher of the fine canon.

"After the Icon" is an open ideology around which artists gather, discussing God and the divine in the era of total everyday life, in the era after the Icon. The presented works are an attempt to answer the questions: how does a modern man live the history of Christ? What is contemporary Christian art?

More than 30 artists are involved in the project - from graffiti artists to academics. Exhibitions of the project have already been successfully held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm, Sevastopol, Veliky Novgorod and other cities.

In Sviyazhsk, part of the project's collection, more than 30 paintings and graphic works, is on display.

The authors experiment with various traditional and modern techniques. The exhibition presents works written in tempera and acrylic, created using the technique of majolica, mosaic and collage. Traditional Christian images became the subjects for the works.

Time: April 3 - June 30, 2021.

Venue: Exhibition Hall of the Museum of the History of Sviyazhsk (building 4).



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