Sharif Kamal literary award ceremony to be held in Kazan

25 January 2021, Monday

A meeting of jury members and experts took place at  the House of Tatar Books in December, the works submitted for the competition were considered.

Throughout January, the Internet platforms of the House of Tatar Book hosted the School of Mentors - open lessons, master classes in prose and translation. When planning the Sharif Kamal Literary Prize, we set ourselves another important task - not only to accept, evaluate and select worthy candidates, determine the laureates, but also bring the works of young talented authors to our readers, make  a   creative image of each individual author and present it to a wider audience. the public. That is why we have created an "author's portfolio" and turned to the booktrailer format: we made a number of videos on the works of each author, with the involvement of young actors, actors of the Kazan Tatar State Theater of Young Spectators Bulat Gataullin, Alsu Fayzullina, Ramil Vafin and Alsu Shakirova. The book trailers will be prepared based on the works of the finalists and winners.

According to the results of the competition, the presentation of the award  to the winners will take place on January 26 at 13:00 at  the Museum of the History of Tatar Literature with the memorial apartment of Sharif Kamal (House of the Tatar Book) at Ostrovsky 15.

Until December 15, 2020, a collection of manuscripts of young prose writers and translators was announced. The works of 18 authors were accepted in the nomination "Prose", in the nomination "Literary translation" - the works of 33 authors. The works were submitted and studied, analyzed by members of the expert commission of the Sharif Kamal Prize.

The cycle of events dedicated to the Sharif Kamal Prize will continue throughout January and February and will end on his birthday - February 27. Among the events dedicated to the classics of Tatar literature - a round table dedicated to the problem of studying the heritage of the classics of Tatar literature in the modern digital era, meetings with relatives, readings with young prose writers and translators, master classes, webinars.


The founders of the Sharif Kamal literary prize for young writers and translators in the Prose and Literary Translation nominations are the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Museum of the History of Tatar Literature with the memorial apartment of Sharif Kamal (House of the Tatar Book).


The award was established with the aim of popularizing the literary heritage of Sharif Kamal, identifying talented young authors writing in small genres of prose (short story, short story, short story), developing this genre, stimulating the literary activity of young authors, attracting the attention of  general public to the phenomenon of a living literary process. We also set as our goal the translation and popularization of Tatar literature into other languages, the education of translators - in this, the teachers and specialists of the Higher School of Foreign Languages ​​and Translation of the Institute of International Relations of the Kazan Federal University came to our aid.

Sharif Kamal is from that galaxy of writers who brought genre and thematic novelty to the Tatar prose of the early 20th century. He is especially known for his stories, short stories, short stories. We considered it necessary to revive interest in these genres and set before young prose writers the task of continuing its traditions. In addition to prose, Sharif Kamal also worked actively in the field of literary translation. By the way, Mikhail Sholokhov's novel “Virgin Soil Upturned”, popular throughout the Soviet Union, was translated into Tatar by Sharif Kamal.

House of Sharif Kamal at  Ostrovsky   15, where the museum is now located, was the epicenter of creative meetings, discussions, ideas at the beginning of the 20th century. It is still a place of attraction for creative and thinking youth. We would like to emphasize the fact that Sharif Kamal at one time was a mentor and advisor for many young writers.


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