Days of Iranian cinema will be held in Kazan

22 September 2020, Tuesday

Days of Iranian Cinema will be held in Kazan from 25 to 30 September. The cinema "Mir" will present films - laureates of international film festivals.
Iranian cinema is strong in national traditions and at the same time transnational. Today it is presented at major international film festivals in European countries. Iranian cinema is characterized as inspiring, distinctive, retaining a soulful approach with a minimum of special effects.

For example, the film "Find Faride", which the Kazan viewer can see on September 25, was awarded the prize of the President of Tatarstan "For humanism in cinema", as well as a certificate for 500 thousand rubles. Directors Azade Mussavi and Kurush Atai in their film tell the story of an Iranian girl named Faride, abandoned at the age of 6 months in one of the shrines of Iran in 1976. She was adopted by a Dutch couple. The parents promised to take the girl to Iran upon reaching her majority, but this did not happen, since they considered Iran not a safe country to visit. Now she overcame her fear and went on an independent trip to her homeland to see three families claiming to be her biological family and to learn more about Iranian culture and her origins.

On September 26, the Mir cinema will show the Iranian film Pastaroni about the struggle for the right to be the best restaurant in Tehran. The two main contenders are a luxury Italian establishment and a small family run restaurant serving traditional Iranian food.
The film, entitled "Hair", will air on September 27th. According to the plot, three Iranian girls from the national karate team are invited to the World Championship in Germany. They prepare for the trip with excitement, but learn that the local authorities saw no problem on their trip as long as they wore a hijab that covered their neck and hair. The girls are trying to solve the problem and make their dream of becoming world champions come true.

On September 28, the audience will be presented with the picture "Wild Jonkils". It tells about a rural school, which will be closed if the required capacity is not fulfilled. The teacher decides to travel to neighboring villages to convince all parents of the need for education. But when he gets sick, things get more complicated ...

The film "Kelile and Demne" will tell on September 29 about two young jackals who suffered from hunting in the jungle. As they grow up, Kelile tells the story of those difficult days when the greed and disloyalty of some animals to the lion king almost led to hunger. The drama begins in the middle of a rainy night when a frightened owl pays a visit to the king of the jungle to report on the hunt she witnessed.

The Days of Iranian Cinema in Kazan will end on September 30 with the film "21 Days Later". This is a story about a little boy Mortez who wants to fulfill his father's unfulfilled wish and faces many difficulties. Morteza is a poor aspiring filmmaker who is trying to raise money to make a short film about a man who stops trains. His work is made more difficult by his mother's illness and other family difficulties.

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