The works by winners of the Interregional contest "Russian folk toy" will be transferred to the Museum of Russian Toys in Kazan

16 October 2019, Wednesday

In Tatarstan, preparations are underway for the XI Interregional Contest "Russian Folk Toy".

Teachers and masters of decorative and applied arts, pupils  of children's art schools,  secondary schools and higher educational institutions, pupils of preschool institutions and centers of additional education are invited to participate.

Winners will be determined in five categories:

  • Rag doll (reconstruction and author's).
  • Fair toy: a craft or craft toy sold at fairs (reconstruction and author's).
  • Household toy from improvised materials (reconstruction and author's).
  • Doll of the Russian folk theater: dolls for crib performances and the Petrushka Theater, shadow theater (reconstruction and author's).
  • Toys of war years and on military subjects.

One of the conditions of the competition is that works must be made of natural materials: wood, clay, wool, bast, straw, vines, bark, textiles, papier-mâché, etc.

“The interest in handmade toys is growing every year. This was the reason for the creation of the Museum of Russian Toys in Kazan. Part of the museum’s exposition will be completed from the works of participants in our competition. The works that won first places in all nominations, and the Grand Prix of the competition are transferred to the permanent exhibition, ”the organizing committee of the competition said.

The jury will include famous figures of science and art, masters of folk toys. Winners will receive diplomas, valuable prizes and gifts.

The telephone number of the organizing committee is 8 (843) 236-57-96 (Center for Russian Folklore of Kazan).

Contest organizers:

  • Center for Russian Folklore MBUK "National Cultural Center" Kazan "

supported by

  • Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan
  • RPO Russian National Cultural Association of the Republic of Tatarstan
  • GBU "A.S. Cultural Center Pushkin "

The regulation and application form are available on the website of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan:




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