The opening of the exhibition "Shamail Art: Traditions and Innovations" will be held in the Kazan Kremlin

7 June 2018, Thursday

In the State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Preserve "Kazan Kremlin", the mosque Kul Sharif on June 8, 2018, on the eve of the completion of the Islamic post, the opening of the exhibition "Shamail Art: Traditions and Innovations" will be held. The exposition will feature works of contemporary art, developing the traditions of the Tatar shamail, as well as samples of "classical" shamailes made on glass and lithographic method. Performed in different styles and techniques, on different materials, diverse in form and content, the artwork that make up the exposition gives a good reason to characterize this project as an "exhibition of contrasts".

The modern part of the exhibition will be represented by new works of artists widely known in our republic: Vladimir Popov, Gulnaz Ismagilova, Nadzhip Nakkasha, Rishata Salyakhutdinova and the "debutant of the Gallery" - Rosa Khuzina, whose works have already been exhibited at the Museum of Calligraphy (Moscow). Each of the artists has found his own creative style and manner of expression - through artistic signs and literal metaphors. A spectator will also get acquainted with the "classical" works performed with observance of the inviolable canons of calligraphy, and with the Arab-graphic paintings reflecting the tendencies of the development of contemporary art, and with the "pictures-metaphors" transforming letters into images, and vice versa, images in letters!

The exposition of the Tatar Shamail Gallery would not be complete without the works by  contemporary authors already familiar to the viewer at previous exhibitions - Jamil Akhmetgaliyev, Zufar Nizamov, Rustam Mukhametzyanov, Rustem Shamsutov, Chulpan Sharifullina. In addition, the exhibition will exhibit "traditional" shamails, made in the 70-90s of the last century by Gabdelhak hazrat (1927-2015), whose collection is the largest, known to date, belonging to the hand of one master. Visitors of the exhibition will be able to feel a spiritual connection of the "people's" shamails, made in the traditional technique of painting on glass, highlighted with foil and "avant-garde" works by  contemporary artists. In the exposition, the viewer will also see samples of reproductions of printed shamils of the beginning of the 20th century. (the property of the Mardjani Foundation) - a separate art direction of the Tatar shamails, who at one time embodied the idea of ​​technical progress, enlightenment and the awakening of national identity. Thus, the exhibition presents almost the entire spectrum of art, developing the direction of Arabic calligraphy, in a wide time range. On the example of a small exposition, one can see a full picture of the development of Arabic art in the Volga-Ural region: from its origins in the form of religious texts made on the glass by a folk master and printed sheets made at Kazan printing houses in the early 20th century,   various creative searches, reflected in the works of professional artists; learn about the history of the development of the Tatar shamails and new trends in the development of modern Arabic art.

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