Exhibition of Ufa artist Flyur Ismagilov in Yelabuga

24 January 2018, Wednesday

January 25 at 16.00 in the Hall of Modern Ethno Art of the Elabuga State Museum-Reserve will open a personal exhibition of the Ufa artist, member of the Union of Artists of Russia Flyur Ismagilov "Legends of Mishar Feldery."

Flyur Ismagilov - a participant of the IX International Art Symposium on Contemporary Art of 2014 "Elabuga. City of Birds. " In the collection of the museum-reserve there are three of his works related to the ancient history of our region. The author works under the pseudonym Mishar Feldery and knows the history, traditions of the Tatar and Bashkir peoples and the Turkic world in general.

The paintings presented at the exhibition are deeply philosophical, abstract from reality. The master himself characterizes their orientation as a soft symbolism. Plots of many paintings are taken from the life of the artist, his family and friends. Each of his works Flyur passes through himself, and reveals the nature of things through various symbols and signs. The creative credo of the artist is the philosophy of life in all its manifestations.

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