First All-Russian Exhibition Art Contest "Shamail of my family, from past to present"

20 May 2015, Wednesday

May 21, the Day of the adoption of Islam  by the  Volga Bulgaria in a Kul Sharif mosque,  the  Museum of Islamic culture and Gallery of  Tatar Shamail  opens an exhibition at the First All-Russian Art Contest "Shamail  of  my family."

The competition  has  received 300 works from different cities of Russia from St. Petersburg to Tyumen, as well as from Kazakhstan and Australia. The exhibition is formed of 90 works that the jury included in a short list.

Our heritage is presented  at  the Museum of Islamic Culture  by  more than 40 ancient  shamails from private collections  of Tatarstan regions, Kazan city,   Nizhny Novgorod region and Chuvashia. Here, for the first time  a unique selection of traditional Tatar shamails  is displayed that   greatly surpasses by  quality and quantity   the collections of museums  of  Kazan and the Republic.

Among shamails that you will see, there are several works dating from the late XIX century. Most shamails  of XX century were created Tatar masters during  the Soviet era. Their names,  with  few exceptions,  remain unknown.

Further development of this art is demonstrated at  the Gallery of the Tatar shamails    are   50 works by contemporary painters and calligraphers. These works havepassed  pre-competitive selection stage,  and participate in a contest to determine the finalists.

Today, competition works made in traditional technique of painting on the reverse side of the glass, and other techniques - drawing, painting, stamping, lithography, computer design.

The exhibition provides an opportunity not only to get acquainted with traditional and modern art of  shamail, but also voting  for your favorite item  on the website of the Museum Reserve "Kazan Kremlin" and RT Religious board of Muslims. The winners will be announced on June 12 on the eve of "Gien" in Bolgar.

Opening ceremony  to  be held  May 21, at 15:00

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