On December 17, a festive event dedicated to the 95th anniversary of Tatarstan cinema will be held at the Mir cinema

16 December 2019, Monday

Tatarstan cinema industry veterans, employees of Tatarstan film institutions, creative groups, friends and partners of Tatarkino from Moscow and other regions of Russia were invited to the festival of Tatarstan cinema.

A unique exhibition exposition will be organized in the premises of the “Mir” cinema, which in the future will become the basis of the museum of the history of Tatarstan cinema. Here you can see antique-styled nightstands for posters, in which historical photographs related to the development of Tatarstan cinema will be placed.

Another pleasant surprise for movie connoisseurs will be the exhibition "The Breath of Time", prepared by the Union of Filmmakers of Tatarstan. It will become another decoration of the “Mir” cinema. At the exhibition, it will be possible to closely examine movie cameras, film projectors and other unique objects related to the process of filming and showing a movie.

The anniversary celebrations will continue on December 22. On this day, a retrospective of Tatarstan films will be presented at the “Mir” cinema.

“It is noteworthy that the 100th anniversary of Soviet cinema and the 95th anniversary of Tatarstan cinema are celebrated. This suggests that Tatarstan cinema began its development literally after Lenin signed the Decree on the nationalization of cinema in the Soviet Union. Of course, documentary films have developed very well, because we had a very strong newsreel studio, ”said Milyausha Aituganova, director of the Tatarkino GBUK.

GBUK RT "Tatarkino" in Kazan owns the cinema "Mir" and two branches in Naberezhnye Chelny and Bugulma. Cooperation in film distribution is established with all municipal regions of Tatarstan and many regions of Russia.


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