A new literary and museum route “Matur Tuganda” has started in the republic

14 October 2019, Monday

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Museum of the History of Tatar Literature with a memorial apartment of Sh. Kamal (House of Tatar Books) laid a new literary and museum route “Matur Tuganda”. The first cultural and educational action was held in Aktanyshsky district. “Matur Tuganda” is exactly the name of the novel by Sharif Kamal, which was written at the House on Ostrovsky. Under this slogan, the opening of the Tatar Book House took place. The new generation lays a new meaning on the motto of writers who created beauty in times of repression and during the war.

As part of the literary and museum route, several events were held. So, at the Humanitarian Gymnasium Boarding School for Gifted Children "an intellectual game-quiz" Abugalisina "took pace, dedicated to Tatar, Russian and English-language literature for middle and high school pupels. The guys were divided into teams of 6 people and answered questions that were grouped into 4 blocks: “Tiz җavap” (“Quick Answer”), “Keshe jam bez   belmyagan factlar” (“A man and facts that we did not know”), Әсәрне таны "(" Guess the work ")," Тәржимәләр "(" Translations "). The winners were determined by the number of points scored.

On the same day, at the Aktanyshsky District House of Culture named after Alfiya Avzalova, a theatrical presentation of the book by Mandysh Abudarova by Landysh Abdarova with the participation of the actor of the Tatar State Theater of Young Spectators named after Gabdulla Kariev Bulat Gataullin took place. The meeting with the author took place in a question-answer format and a discussion of the stories included in the presented book. The new route also included the musical and poetic non-stop “Shagyyrlәr shәһәre”. Musicians and poets of our time joined the creative relay: Louise Yansuar, Yoldiz Minnulina, Ruzal Muhammetshin, Gulnaz Gazizova, Leyla Khabibullina, Milyaush Gafurova; Ania Fayzrakhmanova (vocals), Alexander Mustafin (backing vocals, ukuleles, banjo, metallophone), Ekaterina Rostova (percussion), Petr Egorov (percussion), Elvira Feitsekh (violin), Marat Latypov (guitar) Marat Shayakhmetov (bass) Timur Milyukov (sound producer).

Plans to lay further marching flights to other regions of the Republic of Tatarstan and regions of the Russian Federation. The curators of the literary and museum route "Matur Tuganda" are Louise Yansuar, Aigul Abdrakhmanova. The purpose of the route is the integration of socially important cultural events and events of the capital in the regions of the Republic of Tatarstan and regions of the Russian Federation, a symbiosis of the traditional and educational-cultural format.


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