International Festival "Kazan Fanfares" inaugurated at the Kazan Kremlin

10 August 2019, Saturday

The grand opening of the VIII International Festival of Wind Orchestras “Fanfares of Kazan” has taken  place today at the Kazan Kremlin.

The music festival began with procession   of orchestras along Bauman Street to the delight of citizens and guests of Kazan. Spectators witnessed forming-up of orchestras - participants of the festival on May Day Square and their marching  through the Kazan Kremlin.

The opening ceremony of the eighth “Fanfare Kazan” festival began with the orchestras from different regions of Russia, as well as Kazakhstan and Bulgaria entering the main festival venue located near the Kul-Sharif mosque.

On behalf of the leadership of Tatarstan, the event was welcomed by  Minister of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, Irada Ayupova. “This is a holiday, which, on the one hand, is united by courage, dignity, honor, and on the other, amazing coherence, harmony, without which creativity is impossible,” she noted. Irada Ayupova shared her joy that by the time the festival opened in the capital of Tatarstan, the rain had stopped and the sun had come out, which allowed citizens and guests of Kazan to watch orchestra performances in comfortable conditions.

Rafail Gilmanov, Secretary of the Security Council of the Republic of Tatarstan, also made a welcoming speech. “As having served for many years in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, I would like to say that in sorrow and joy, military bands have always been with us. They combine both art and military revenue, always create a good mood, ”he said.

Daria Sannikova, director of the Kazan Tourism Development Committee, in turn emphasized the importance of the festival, noting that it "makes the event life of the city brighter and more interesting."

The director of the Kazan Kremlin State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve Zilya Valeeva thanked the guests and participants of the festival for their attention to the holiday and emphasized that for many August is no longer possible without «Fanfarers Kazan».

Orchestras performed the anthems of the participating countries of the festival - Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Russia and Tatarstan and the best compositions to the thunderous applause of the audience. The highlight of the celebration was the performance of the young artist Arslan Sibgatullin.

The “man-orchestra” Veniamin Myasoedov also pleased the audience with his performance. He performed a medley on the theme of Russian-Tatar songs in the bagpipes, accompanied by a combined orchestra. The audience heard famous Russian and Tatar works, which culminated in the performance of the national anthem of the Tatar people, the composition "Tugan Tel."

“This is my first time at this festival, and I have the most vivid impressions,” Veniamin Myasoedov shared with reporters after the performance. “It seems to me that the goal of the festival is patriotic education.” The musician admitted that it was difficult for him to perform Tatar melodies, but he began to improvise, and this helped him to cope with the task.

The head of the Military Orchestra Center of the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Lt. Col. Askhat Mukhamedyarov, shared in an interview with reporters that this is not the first time taking part in this festival. “The organization of the festival is growing every year. There is no limit to perfection, and winners are not judged. You are great fellows, everything is fine with you, ”he said.

The head of the Junior Band orchestra from Bulgaria, Yordan Tsvetanov, also expressed enthusiasm for the festival itself and its organization. “Our mood is wonderful today. Everything is wonderful, you have a wonderful festival, ”he said.

The festival was attended by 19 groups and more than 700 musicians from the famous orchestras of Russia, Kazakhstan and Bulgaria. These are the collectives of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Guard, as well as city and provincial orchestras, groups of children's music schools. Most of the invited orchestras in the “Fanfares of Kazan” take part for the first time.

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