At the State Grand Concert Hall named after S.Saydashev the first concert of the new educational ticket for the whole family “Children's World” will be held

14 November 2018, Wednesday

November 18, 2018, at 12:00, at the State Grand Concert Hall named after S. Saydashev the first concert of a new educational ticket for the whole family “Detsky Mir (Children's World)” will take place. In performance of professional artists and young musicians will sound "Children's Album" by P.I. Tchaikovsky.

The Sunday's Detsky Mir subscription is addressed to children who will become adults, and adults who were children." As part of the subscription, three concerts will take place (from November to April), the program of which will be composed by masterpieces by composers of different eras devoted to the theme of childhood. In all concerts, children, talented students of music schools, will appear on the stage together with professional, accomplished musicians and groups.

The first concert will present the music of the famous “Children's Album” by P.I. Tchaikovsky. The composer’s statement is well known: “Flowers, music and children make the best decoration of life.” The theme of childhood passes through all of his work, and the Children's Album became the first collection of plays for children in Russia, which was included in the golden fund of world music literature. It contains the whole world of the child, a variety of impressions that fill the day of the child from waking up to bedtime.

The concert will be attended by the State Chamber Choir of the Republic of Tatarstan conducted by Milyausha Tamindarova, laureates of international competitions Yulia Sergeeva (flute), Yana Delikatnaya (trumpet), Diana Chernaya (piano), Tatiana Koryukina (domra), Ksenia Romanova (vocal), and also students of Children's Music School № 1 Kazan.

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