Minister's authorities

President of the Republic of Tatarstan appoints Deputies of Prime minister, ministers (Article 94, Constitution of the Republic of Tatarstan) in complience with RT State Council. Minister is appointed to the post and discharged from it in order established by the Constitution of the Republic of Tatarstan (part 5, paragraph 5.1 “Article on Ministry of culture of the Republic of Tatarstan” )

• Performs general management over activity of the Ministry on the basis of undivided authority and is personally responsible for implementing functions laid on the ministry;
• Takes part in sessions of RT Cabinet having the right of casting vote;
• Takes part in decision-making of RT Cabinet, ensures their fulfillment within its competence;
• Performs hereby and other normative legal acts powers of head of ministry established by the law of the Republic of Tatarstan “On executive bodies of state power of the Republic of Tatarstan”;
• Appoints for a post, discharges ministry’s employees from their posts in order established by RT Cabinet, takes measures on disciplinary punishment;
• In complience with RT Cabinet appoints for a post, discharges from it, concludes, changes, abrogates labour contracts with the heads of state institutions and organizations in order established by legislation;
• Confirms clauses about ministry’s branches defining their functions, authorities, rights and duties, distributes duties between minister’s deputies;
• Issues within its competence normative legal acts in form of orders, confirms rules, instructions, clauses, organizes control for their implementation;
• Approves staff schedule, estimates of expenditure for ministry’s office maintenance within confirmed number of employees, labour payment fund and budget allocations.
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