Chief of administration

Performs control of the activity the following sections: organizational work, general section (records management and supervision of document flow), section of book-accountancy and report in issues relating to maintenance of building and secretariat of minister’s reception;
maintenance fulfillment of tasks and functions laid on Administration, coordinates activity of all structural subdivisions of Ministry’s Administration and provides their effective and adjusted interaction;
performs control of the activity of secretary in reception and the following sections: organizational provision, records management and control of document flow, section of book accountancy and report in issues relating to maintenance of building and Ministry’s staff ;
presents draft provisions on supervised sections, their structure, minimum number and schedule work of ministry’s administration for confirmation by deputy Prime minister – minister of culture of the Republic of Tatarstan ;
controls filling out free lance contracts with the employees hired for servicing and maintenance of building, disposes financial means in conformity with estimate of administration and free lance fund allocated for maintenance of the building, representational and travel expenses.
bears responsibility and supervises condition of executive discipline and supervision of records management on the basis of Single state system of records management (ЕГСД);
presents for confirmation rules of internal regulations of staff, Rules of ministry’s work;
provides observing by staff employees Rules of internal labor order and performance of decisions, charges and orders of Ministry’s leadership;
supervises course of implementation of decrees and instructions of President, Prime minister, Chairman of Gossovet RT, decisions and resolutions of RT Cabinet and RT State Council;
participates in elaborating normative-legal and legislations acts, methodical aids on issues relating to activity of institutions of culture and art;
provides interaction of sections and services of ministry with all subject institutions, structural subdivisions of municipal formations on issues of performance of orders from the above standing bodies of state power and governance;
supervises preparing and holding sessions, meetings and measures held by Ministry, organizes their material –technical, documentary maintenance;
supervises register and report on reception of citizens on personal problems by minister, his deputies in established time;
performs control of timely consideration by the employees of administration of written and oral addresses from citizens and letters arrived with resolutions from above standing bodies of state power and governance;
systematically holds meeting on analysis of condition of records management, executive discipline in Ministry staff. Prepares operational reports for leadership;
on the basis of analytical material on character of incoming to the Ministry and
outcoming documents, quality of their preparedness, enters proposals on perfecting records management in the Ministry, raising quality and efficiency of document processing and reference –informational work;
arranges training of executive staff and subject institutions to basics of records management, informing about new requirements and methods of work with documents;
elaborates measures aimed at constant perfecting of work with documents and system of control of their execution in the Ministry’s staff and on interaction with subject institutions and municipal bodies of culture;
bears responsibility for stable functioning office machines, electronic main and other means of communication in the Ministry;
participates in rendering practical help to subject institutions, bodies of culture and art on issue arranging work of organization governance and work directions over supervised sections;
arranges development of programs on furnishing and provision with new equipment, office machines and means of communication;
provides economic servicing and corresponding condition with rules and norms of production sanitary, security and anti-fire protection of buildings and premises of the Ministry. Coordinates work of auto transport in the Ministry staff;
organizes holding with Ministry’s employees necessary instructions on labor safety and fire safety;
takes measures on protection of state secrets, provides confidentiality of staff information;
presents to Minister proposals on encouraging employees, fixed services of the Ministry or laying disciplinary reprimands;
works over upgrading his professional level and organizes upgrading qualification of directly subject structural subdivisions.
Chief of the Administrative Office
Контактная информация
Phone: (843) 264-74-38

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