Отдел кадров

- performs monitoring of staff condition and labor market in sphere of culture;
- studies labor market in branch and forecasts need in qualified specialists;
- elaborates and implements republican addressed programs of staff provision of sector, preparations and re-training and upgrading staff qualification;
- maintains participation of the Ministry in receiving grants for training and retraining of specialists for culture sector and performs interaction with ministry of education and science state educational institutions;
- forms control figures of accepting enrollees into special educational institutions of culture and art under targeted contact training of specialists;
- maintains selection and directing of entrants to educational institutions of culture and art for addressed off-contest places, concludes 4-parties agreements;
- carries out job placement of educational institutions;
- regulates volumes, structure of specialist training, retraining and upgrading staff qualification and forms state order on the basis of employers;
- participates in filling out targeted support of figures of culture, art and cinematography and social-legal protection of the sector employees;
- studies movement and reasons of staff flow in RT Ministry of culture executive personnel, subject institutions, coordinates work in issues of employment and liberation of staff;
- systemizes and fills out award materials for sector employees and figures of culture and art presented for government awards, assigning honorary titles and directs for considering to the above standing bodies, organizes work on awarding by signs distinctions and certificates of honor of Ministry of culture and mass communications of RF and RT;
- performs staff audit in subject institutions;
- facilitates moral-material stimulating of sector’s employees;
- maintains fulfillment of Federal Law «On RF state civil service» and Law of the Republic of Tatarstan «On RT state civil service»;
- prepares offers on realization of provisions of RT and RF laws «On state civil defense» and other normative acts on state service and brings for consideration to Vice- Prime minister-Minister of culture of the Republic of Tatarstan;
- arranges professional retraining, upgrading of qualification and internship of state officials;
- forms reserve of personnel for substitution state civil positions and leading staff of the republican institutions of culture, art and cinematography;
- organizes and maintains activity of attestation commission, contest commission for vacant posts of state civil service, commission on regulation of interests;
- organizes holding functional checks, checks of authenticity of personal data, observation of limitations by civil state officials b prepares offers on results of checks;
- organizes and maintains holding contests for vacant posts in state civil service;
- regulates issues of training and adaption of accepted state officials and specialists;
- organizes and maintains holding attestation of qualification exam of state officials and chiefs of the republican institutions, supervises organization and holding attestation of the employees of cultutre and art institutions;
- presents List of state posts and state civil service and List of state officials of Реестр государственных служащих Ministry staff to Department on state officials matters under RT President;
- prepares and fills out decisions on assigning class ranking to civil servants, holding state posts of civil service and arranges filling out and issuance in established order of certificates of employment;
- completes documents on fixing length of service of state civil service;
- prepares and submits for consideration by senior officials draft orders for acceptance or dismissing the employees of the Ministry, heads and chief specialists of subject institutions;
- completes and presents for consideration by senior officials decisions on granting leaves and directing the employees of the ministry, heads and chiefs of subject institutions for secondment ;
- maintains record and report on personnel issues and military record register, reservation of bound for military service;
- fills out submission for pension;
- keeps record and report on outward trips and secondments;
- generalizes and disseminates experience of work of staff services of the republican institutions of culture;
- takes part in reception of citizens, answers letters, complaints and applications form citizens relating to staff issues;
- oversees the work of Institute of additional and professional education (upgrading of qualification) of specialists of social-cultural sphere and art .

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