Law section

Functions of the Section:

1. In sphere of implementing legislation of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Russian Federation and normative acts of the Ministry, organization and conducting norm-creative activity:
1.1. Reveals law problems in activity of the Ministry and needs in legal maintenance of this activity.
1.2. Prepares or participates in preparing (analyses, performs law expertise ) of draft laws of the RT, projects and normative legal acts, decrees and resolutions of the President of Tatarstan, projects and other legal acts.
1.3. Performs legal expertise of draft orders, instructions, resolutions, decisions and other normative legal acts prepared by the sections and other structural subdivisions of the Ministry.
1.4. Prepares independently or jointly with other structural subdivisions offers on changing or cancellation (ceased to be in force) orders and other normative acts of the Ministry.
1.5. Prepares independently or jointly with other structural subdivisions the conclusions on drafts of normative acts incoming to the Ministry.
1.6. Preliminary approves normative legal draft acts and conclusions on them presented for signing by Minister of culture of the Republic of Tatarstan.
1.7. Takes part in elaborating offers on perfecting state governance in sphere if the Ministry’s activity and précising authorities of the Ministry.
1.8. Generalizes jointly with other structural subdivisions practice of law enforcement, develops offers on its perfecting and enters them for consideration by RT Minister of culture.
1.9. Participates in established order in preparing projects of external economic agreements of the Republic of Tatarstan with other subjects of the Russian Federation, holds legal expertise of the projects of the mentioned agreements.
1.10. Participates in conducted by structural subdivisions work on selecting and directing normative legal acts of the ministry to state registration in ministry of justice of the Republic of Tatarstan.
1.11In established order takes part in elaborating perspective and current plans of norm creating activity of RT legislation bodies of Tatarstan.
1.12. Generalizes and analyses law applying practice of court bodies in sphere of economic, labor, civil –legal relations.
1.13. Prepares reports, reference and analytical matеrials on issues of law enforcement practice and condition of legal work.
1.14. Participated in preparing and performance of measures aimed at elimination of reasons and conditions enabling violation of law.

2. In sphere of methodical supervision of legal work:
2.1. Performs methodical guidance of legal work of separate subdivisions of the Ministry.
2.2. Performs organizational –methodical maintenance of norm creating activity of the Ministry subdivisions.
2.3. In conformity with Ministry’s leadership renders to bodies of state governance and other organizations according to their enquiries judicial aid in preparing drafts of normative and other legal acts, arranging activity of legal services.
2.4. Develops methodical recommendations and drafts of normative and other legal acts aimed at raising efficiency of legal work of the Ministry.
2.5. Takes part in developing proposals on perfecting system of the Ministry’s governance, on determining rights and obligations of structural subdivisions and officials.
2.6. Takes part in holding lasses and seminars on legal issues in system of qualification upgrading .

3. In sphere of systematized judicial monitoring of legislation acts and normative acts:
3.1. Implements systematized monitoring and storing normative legal acts.
3.2. Implements gathering, accruement , storing and processing materials on legal issues .
3.3. Prepares for the Ministry leadership reference materials on legislation.
3.4 Undertakes measures for filling normative fund, complements library of judicial literature (codes, reference books, collected books, comments, bulletins msc.).
3.5. Prepares for printing collected books and collection of normative legal acts on issues in competence of the Ministry.

4. In sphere of protection of legal rights and interests of the Ministry and its structural subdivisions:
4.1. Takes part in elaborating normative and other legal acts regulating contract claim-suit work and financial –economic activity of the Ministry and subject structural subdivisions.
4.2. Jointly with other subdivisions participates in work on preparing and conclusion of economic, labor and other agreements, approves such agreements governed by established by legislation dates of consideration.
4.3. Represents in established order the interests of the Ministry in court and other bodies.
4.4. Renders legal help to the employees of the Ministry, its structural subdivisions, organizations entering the system of this body on issues referring to the competence of the Ministry.
4.5. The section carries out also the work on written applications of citizens and their personal reception in conformity with functions of the section.
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