Отдел информационно-технического и материального обеспечения

Section performs the following functions :
- prepares offers on implementing modern information technologies on the basis of generalization and studying the needs of the RT Ministry of culture and its subject budget institutions;

-prepares underpinning of the necessity for new ways of progressing the culture sector;

-administrates servers of computer’s network of RT Ministry of culture and its subdivisions over the Republic of Tatarstan (including web-servers, mail servers and FTP servers);

-carries out technical expertise and takes part in implementing projects liked with computerization and operation of complex technical systems which have in its composition micro-processing equipment or micro-processing handling;

-performs comparative analysis and expertise of new software regarding its use in educational process of RT ministry of culture and its subject institutions;

-maintains coordination of works in sphere of using software and telecommunication means;

-jointly with section of technical and economic service carries out supervision of computer systems, software and periphery equipment which are in use of subdivisions and subject budget institutions of RT Ministry of culture and elaborates recommendations regarding relevancy their tasks which are solved in subdivisions.
Head of Department
Контактная информация
Phone: (843) 264-75-02

Principal Specialist

Phone: (843) 264-75-04

Phone: (843) 264-74-52

Phone: (843) 264-75-04

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