Department of planning and financing

Structure of Department:

Section of planning and marketing
Section of book-accountancy and report
Section of financing and control of budget funds

Main functions:
-develops implements economic policy of the branch, forms its financial well-being ;

-introduces modern, new methods of management over sector of culture of the Republic of Tatarstan;

-introduces principles of project financing and calculates general expenses on each measure;

-organizes and carries out state control of ministry’s participation and its subject budget institutions in various targeted federal addressed programs;

-develops and implements in practice systems of support of cultural institutions as targeted grants;

-elaborates systems of attracting not only republican but Russian and international grants;

-elaborates normative documents, Provision on grants of President of the Republic of Tatarstan to leading theatrical – entertainment institutions, music collectives and educational institutions of the Republic of Tatarstan and Provision on bonuses in the sphere of culture and art in the Republic of Tatarstan;

-analyzes, presents economic feasibility, holds marketing research in institutions of culture aimed at receiving financial resources from cultural activity of subject institutions;

-forecasts growth rates of services of RT cultural institutions ;

-develops offers on issues of order of setting regional standards of paying services, tariffs for payable services of budget cultural institutions;

- studies financial solvency of population, potential readiness and possibility to pay services of cultural institutions;

-introduces complex software into financial services of the branch;

-uses Internet possibilities and other modern info technologies;

-carefully analyzes state of matters of every cultural institution, enabling to build up long-term and efficient economic policy of the specific institution and the branch as a whole;

-studies demand of population for payable services in the sphere of culture;

-carries out well thought-out and flexible tariff policy based on competent analysis of population solvency;

-performs comparative analysis and expertise of new software relating to use them in educational process of Ministry of culture of the Republic of Tatarstan and its subject institutions.

Контактная информация
Phone: (843) 264-74-74

Section of planning and marketing

Phone: (843) 264-74-29

Phone: (843) 264-74-26

Phone: (843) 264-75-17

Section of book-accountancy and report

Phone: (843) 264-74-28

Phone: (843) 264-74-33

Leading specialist

Phone: (843) 264-74-27

Phone: (843) 264-74-33

Section of financing and control over budget funds

Head of section

Phone: (843) 264-75-16

Principal Adviser

Phone: (843) 264-74-23

Phone: (843) 264-73-93

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