Section of interregional and inter-ethnic cooperation and exhibition activity

Section in conformity with imposed tasks carries out the following functions:

- Participates in elaborating draft resolutions and RT Cabinet edicts, takes part in elaborating RT laws, other normative-legal acts in sphere of the Section’s activity;

- develops applications on federal ad hoc programs on issues within Section’s competence implemented in territory of the Republic of Tatarstan for the following financial year;

- develops draft agreements and contracts, protocols of cooperation between the bodies of RT executive power and subjects of RF on issues of implementing cultural relations, perseverance and developing culture of Tatars;

- arranges the work on realizing agreements and contracts on cooperation between the RT Government and the RF Government and abroad countries, the agreements between the ministry and corresponding state agencies of culture of RF subjects;

- participates in creating conditions for keeping ethnic originality and development of Tatar culture, other nations living in the Republic of Tatarstan, facilitates in implementing relevant projects;

- renders organizational-methodical and other backing to national-cultural autonomies in the republic, Tatar national –cultural associations of RF subjects and foreign countries;

- carries out the work on interregional, interethnic cultural cooperation and exhibition activity in close interaction international organization TURKSOI, the World Congress of Tatars , ANKO RT and other organizations;

- organizes and coordinates the work of ministry’s sections and subject organizations of the branch on preparing and holding visit events in sphere of the culture and receiving foreign delegations, the delegation from other regions of Russia arriving in the Republic of Tatarstan with cultural mission;

- varies out contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, its representative in Kazan, embassies and consulates of the foreign countries, representations of the Republic Tatarstan overseas, controls paperwork between the ministry of above-mentioned organizations, facilitates filling out documents of the creative collectives while going abroad and while receiving foreign representatives of culture in the Republic of Tatarstan;

- carries out monitoring on issues of interethnic, interregional an international relations, prepares on its basis analytical materials, forecasts and offers;

- implements the work on state support of cultural initiatives of the republican and municipal institutions of culture, national-cultural associations;

- renders methodical aid to bodies of executive authorities of the regions and towns of the republic in arranging and holding work in sphere of interethnic relations;

- considers offers, applications and complaints from citizens and organizations on issues relating to the Section competence, prepares answers to them;

- participates in work on observing requirements of legislation –law acts of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan in territory of the republic on issues of the ministry’s competence;

- facilitates in holding festivals, contests, traditional national festivities, Days of culture of Tatarstan, other measures;

- initiates and organizes holding festivals, contests, traditional and national holydays, scientific-practical conferences, seminars –meetings, presentations, «roundtables» and other measures on issues of activities of national-cultural associations, interethnic, interregional and international cultural cooperation;

- provides interaction with mass media of the Republic of Tatarstan, regions of the Russian Federation and national-cultural autonomies of Tatars, regularly refills sections of the ministry’s portal with information relating to interregional, interethnic cooperation and exhibition activity;

- develops suggestions for federal agencies of executive power and bodies of executive power of RT on awarding the employees of the branch with state awards of the Russian Federation and the Rpublic of Tatarstan, honorary certificates and signs;

- realizes within it’s the Section powers, paperwork, develops and implements the plans of the Section, prepares offers to relevant sections of the plans and the ministry’s program and branch, participates in preparing collegiums, meetings, seminars, etc.
Head of Division

Phone: (843) 264-73-96

Phone: (843)264-74-67

Leading Consultant

Phone: 264-73-95

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