Отдел развития музейного дела

Main functions of the section :
- maintenance of performing by the Republic of Tatarstan museums of federal
legislation in museum affairs;

- implementation of state policy in the sphere of culture aimed at preservation and use of the Museum fund of the Russian Federation for developing cultural-cognitive tourism, modern picture art, folk art crafts;
- implementation of federal and republican targeted cultural development programs regarding museum affairs, folk art crafts, modern picture art and cultural cognitive tourism;
- facilitation in studying, preserving, popularization and development of folk art crafts of the Republic of Tatarstan;
- realization of granted authorities on forming state museum network and Museum fund of the republic of Tatarstan;
- facilitation for developing professional picture art, preserving creative heritage of the outstanding figure of arts of the Republic of Tatarstan;
- facilitation to municipal formations of the Republic of Tatasrtan in developing ,museum affairs, folk art crafts and cultural-cognitive tourism;
- facilitation in integration of museums, folk art crafts, modern picture art of the Republic of Tatarstan into the world cultural space.
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