Sector of cinematography

Sector participates :
in branch programming for long-term stage, for planned year in the sphere of cinematography;

in state governance of cinema-video servicing of the Republic of Tatarstan population;

in regulation of relations in the sphere of activity of RT Union of cinematographers and others cinematographic unions;

in elaborating (forming) and implementation of federal and republican addressed programs of developing culture in the sphere of cinematography;

in forming network of state institutions of cinematography within a framework of social standards;

in realizing measures of state support for cinema branch including acquisition of the cinema works in established order (including rights of customer on making audio-visual works and conclusion of cinema-video distribution contracts);

In elaboration of directions of economic changes in the sphere of cinematography;

in forming mechanism of addressed support of talented youth, figures of cinematography;

in maintenance of realizing legislation of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan on state service and other legislative acts and normative legal acts, regulating labor relations in the sphere of cinematography;

in elaborating and implementing complex programs of staff provision in the sphere of cinematography;

in developing entrepreneurship activity of state cinema institutions for aims in conformity with which they were set up;

in implementing in established order of international cultural cooperation in the sphere of cinematography;

in preparing opinions on drafts of federal laws, laws of the Republic Tatarstan, RT Cabinet resolutions and other normative legal acts, introduced by the ministries, state committees and departments on issue of cinematography;

renders methodical, organizational and informational aid on issues of using legislation by cinematography institutions, Union of cinematographers;

Determines order and conditions of holding cinema festivals and other cinema events;

facilitates developing all kinds and genres of professional and non-professional cinema art, preserving creative heritage of outstanding figures of Tatar and world cinema culture;

regulates order of use and carries out state control over use of cinema-video funds of subject institutions;

carries out complex analysis and forecasting of development trends of the republican cinematography, reasoning purposes and priorities of progressing cinematography in all territory of the Republic of Tatarstan ;

coordinates activity within the limits of its authorities aimed at integration of cinematography of RT in the world culture.
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