Отдел профессионального искусства и художественного образования

1. Section is responsible for carrying out the following main functions:
regulating relations in sphere of culture regarding support of institutions of culture and art.
2. section within the limits of competence interacts with Ministry of economy of the Republic of Tatarstan on issues of implementing the functions:
social-economic programming;
maintenance of developing scheme of territorial plan and plan of implementing scheme of territorial RT planning ;
development of investment activity;
managing over forming RT state info resources by results of social –economic monitoring;
managing over forming RT departmental state info resources.
3. Jointly with RT Ministry of industry and trade support of cultural relations with countries of near and far abroad including in sphere of relations with compatriots.
4. Participation in state support of public associations activities.
Head of Division
Контактная информация
Phone: 264-74-44

Deputy Head of Department

Phone: (843) 264-74-73

Phone: (843) 264-74-40

Phone: (843) 264-75-14

Leading specialist

Phone: 264-75-08

Senior Specialist of I grade


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