The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan announces an open contest for the best outline design of a memorial to the soldiers of Tatarstan who died in battles for Crimea during the Great Patriotic War

5 September 2019, Thursday

Sculptors, painters, designers, architects who are members of creative unions are invited to participate in the creative competition.

They can work on the project both alone and as part of a team, as a leader.

The organizer of the competition is the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The memorial sign will be placed on the territory of the Memorial to the victims of the fascist occupation of Crimea 1941 - 1944. "Concentration camp" Krasny  (Red)"in the Republic of Crimea.

The competition is held from September 10 to December 10, 2019.

Phone for information: (843) 264 73 91.

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