On August 6, cultural centers will open in two districts of Tatarstan

2 August 2019, Friday

The first of them is located in the village of Azeevo Novosheshminsky municipal district. In the building of 1967, the doors and windows were replaced, the water supply, electricity and sewage systems were updated, the stage, the roof were repaired, and work has been   done to improve the surrounding area.

In 2019, the Azeevsky Rural House of Culture became the winner in the republican contest "The best institution of cultural and leisure type located in the territory of the rural settlement of the Republic of Tatarstan." Now it will be exemplary in terms of the conditions created for its visitors. The Rural house of culture has been  equipped with new furniture, sound equipment and computer equipment.

At present, club formations and amateur associations are working  here: the vocal ensemble "Akyarim", the children's theater association "Omet", the amateur association "Zhyrly-monly balachak".

The second house of culture will be opened in the village of Kazaklar, the  Tyulyachinsky district. In the 1983 building, workers also completely updated the communications system, replaced windows, doors, floors, and roofs. The club has a new boiler room. Increased attention to the object is not accidental. It will become a center of cultural and educational life for residents of two villages at once: Kazaklar and the neighboring village - Maloe Kibyakozi (there is a bus for transporting children to school and to various events).

The building has a library, an auditorium with 100 seats. From the new school year, the circles  will open here again. An amateur dance group “Balachak”, club formation of song lovers “Sandugach”, theater group “Sәkhnә”, folklore group “Zhәүhәr”, fashion theater “Style and Fashion” and others work at the House of Culture. By the way, they are truly loving people do their job. One of them is Rano Shaipova, who teaches children not only to dance, but also how to sew, together they create stage costumes for their future performances and arrange fashion shows.


In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated May 7, 2018 No. 204 “On National Goals and Strategic Tasks of the Development of the Russian Federation for the Period until 2024”, culture in the Russian Federation was elevated to the rank of national priorities and recognized as the most important factor in improving the quality of life and harmonizing public relations , the key to dynamic socio-economic development, the guarantor of maintaining a unified cultural space and territorial integrity of Russia.


The purpose of the national project "Culture" is defined as an increase in the number of visits to cultural organizations by 2024 by 15%. Behind these figures is an important strategic objective, according to Vladimir Putin, “creating a vibrant, saturated cultural space that is interesting and attractive for both its own citizens and the whole world.”

In the Republic of Tatarstan, in order to achieve the goals of the national project “Culture”, three regional projects have been formed: “Cultural environment”, “Creative people” and “Digital culture”.

In 2019, under the regional project "Cultural Environment", construction and overhaul of 64 cultural facilities are planned, including the construction of 3 rural culture houses according to standard projects with the involvement of the federal budget, 61 institutions (construction of 21 multifunctional centers (rural clubs) and major repairs 40 municipal cultural objects) - at the expense of the republican budget.



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