"Master of courtyard of the city of Elabuga" has started working as part of the national project "Culture"

1 August 2019, Thursday

The project "Master of courtyard  of the city of Elabuga", according to the organizers, will be the hallmark of the XII All-Russian Spassky Fair - a major event in the field of preservation and development of decorative and applied art and folk art. The event is held by the NGO Planet of Good and the Elabuga State Museum-Reserve as part of the national project Culture with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Elabuga Municipal District.

The main goal of the project is to popularize folk art crafts and folk art. Its participants will be masters of arts and crafts and folk art crafts from 28 cities of Russia (including Elabuga), working in traditional and new (original) techniques.

The “Master Courtyard of the City of Elabuga” will open at three sites: on Gassar Street (section from Gassar, 1 to Gassar, 9), in the Interactive Workshops and the Museum of Modern Ethnic Art of the Elabuga State Museum-Reserve.

We remind  on August 2, 3, 4, 2019, the XII All-Russian Spassky Fair will be held in Elabuga. In the program: sale of products of folk art crafts and crafts, products of arts and crafts; non-stop concert program with the participation of folk groups of Russia, performances of tightrope walkers, national folk games and competitions. In addition, the fair will have numerous playgrounds and sports grounds, rural farmsteads.

An integral part of the Spassky Fair is the All-Russian festival of bell ringing with the participation of masters of bell art and sacred music from different cities of Russia. This year it will bring together more than 100 participants, including 60 bell ringers, multi-instrumental musicians, harpists, authors of unique instruments, performers of spiritual and patriotic songs, folklore groups from 37 cities and towns of the Russian Federation (including Tatarstan and Udmurtia) , Kazakhstan, Belarus.

Performances of participants will be held at the bell tower of the Spassky Cathedral and on mobile belfries installed on Spasskaya Square, and on the territory of Shishkinsky ponds. By tradition, during the festival days, two big jingle concerts and master classes in bell ringer art will take place.

In the Silver Age Library of the Yelabuga State Museum-Reserve, a round table is planned "Bell ringing in Russia: tradition and modernity."

Information: In 2018, more than 860 masters of decorative and applied arts, folk art crafts and crafts from 176 cities and settlements of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries became participants in the fair. For three days, the fair was visited by more than 200 thousand people.


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