Kazan took the baton of the All-Russian Theater Marathon

2 May 2019, Thursday

Mirror gilded statuette with the emblems of all the participating regions has been  passed to our republic from the Republic of Mari El. A solemn ceremony of presenting the symbol of the Year of Theater in Russia took place on the stage of the Tatar State Drama and Comedy Theater  after   K.Tinchurin. The ceremony was attended by Minister of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan Irada Ayupova and Deputy Minister of Culture, Press and Ethnic Affairs of the Republic of Mari El Mikhail Matveyev.

“It’s great that today, in the framework of the theater marathon, the performance of our countryman Zulfat Hakim will be presented on the stage of the Tinchurinsky Theater. It is very important that our playwrights are also relevant for the national theaters of other regions. On May 3, our Naberezhnye Chelny Drama Theater will perform at the site of the Izhevsk Drama Theater in Udmurtia. In our land, this symbol will stay only two days, but nevertheless, everyone who sits in the hall today, and the TV viewers who will watch a report about this event, in their hearts, in their understanding, will remain the very fact of finding this symbol, which will pass through all 85 regions of the Russian Federation. This proves the unity of the theater community and the unity of the whole of our country, ”said Irada Ayupova.

Deputy Minister of Culture, Press and National Affairs of the Republic of Mari El, Mikhail Matveyev, handed over the statuette and baton of the theater marathon with the words: “Today I have the honorable and responsible mission to pass on the symbol of the theater marathon to our kind and beloved neighbors. This symbol has already passed half the country, about a hundred performances have already been shown. Today on this stage the children presented a fairy tale staged by the Mari National Drama Theater  after M. Shketana. It should be noted that our Mari National Theater  after  M. Shketana and the Mariysky Theater of the Young Spectator are friends with Kazan theaters. They come to us, we constantly go to you. From this, I think, our life becomes more colorful and through the performances we get to know the people, we confirm that we are neighbors, very, very good neighbors. Our peoples have been friends for centuries, we have been friends with theaters for decades. I am pleased to pass on to our neighbors the baton and the symbol of a theatrical marathon! ”

As part of the All-Russian Theater Marathon on the stage of the Tatar State Drama and Comedy Theater   after  K.Tinchurin tour of the Mari National Drama Theater. M. Shketana. On May 1, the theater presented the Kazan spectator a musical fairy tale “The Athlete from the Dow” and the comedy “Uzhunda? Called? ”, And on May 2 the comedy“ Salika ”will be played.

The marathon will continue in Izhevsk, where the Naberezhnye Chelny state Tatar Drama Theater will perform.

Reference: The All-Russian Theater Marathon is the largest event of the Year of the Theater, in which all 85 regions of Russia participate. It started in January in Vladivostok, and will end at the end of the year at the most western point of the country - Kaliningrad.

The marathon takes place in the form of a theater relay: regional theaters go on tour and give a special symbol of the Year of Theater to the next participating theater. In addition to the performances, in each region there will be a mobile photo exhibition about the history of theaters, and leading actors and directors will hold master classes and creative meetings. Also, within the framework of the All-Russian Theater Marathon, in all federal districts, eight forums of the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation “Russian Theater - XXI Century” will be held. A New Look". They will discuss the problems of theatrical affairs in Russia. The final forum will be held in Moscow.






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