In Tatarstan, the selection of the best youth projects. One of the sites of the forum - "Territory of Culture and Art" has started

29 March 2019, Friday

An application campaign has been launched for the Our Tatarstan forum. Experts on nine forum sites will select ideas and projects that will receive government support in a final.

In February of this year, the new season of the Republican Youth Forum “Our Tatarstan”  has  started. The forum with eight years of history will once again become a platform for  presentation of new projects of the republic’s youth from 14 to 30 years. Following the results, the winners will be able to take part in All-Russian youth forums.

It is symbolic that in the 9th season of the forum the organizing committee presented 9 updated sites:

- The Territory of innovation

- The territory of architecture

-The e territory of culture and art

- Business territory

- The Territory of good

- The territory of the elements of situational centers

- Sports area

- The territory of a small country

-The territory of civil society

The leaders of the sites will be political figures of the republic, representatives of major  companies of Tatarstan and outstanding personalities in the fields of culture, art and sports.

The forum is implemented by the Ministry of Youth Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan  and consists of 3 stages: an application campaign, an in-person stage on the basis of ministries and departments of the republic and a final exhibition of the best projects, which includes an educational program with invited speakers. In the entire history of the forum, 8143 projects  have been    presented, 134 were successfully implemented. Thanks to the forum, 64 projects were able to become winners of federal grant competitions.

“Our Tatarstan Forum is a great chance not only to tell about your project, but also to get its serious expertise thanks to the opinion of experts and new useful acquaintances. This is a huge platform for the development of their ideas. Thanks to the expert support of the project, we were able to continue the development of our idea at the international level, ”says Ksenia Bashlay, winner of the RMF 2018.




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