Minister of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan made a report at a meeting of the board of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

27 February 2019, Wednesday

A meeting of the collegium of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation was held today in Moscow at the Russian Cultural Foundation.

The participants discussed the results of the VII St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, the experience of the regions in  development of theaters, and attracting children and youth to cultural institutions, the work of non-profit foundations at museums of the Russian Federation and the promotion of applicants for the Union State Prize in literature and art for 2019–2020 years

The Minister of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan Irada Ayupova spoke on  positive practice of the regions in  development of theaters and attracting children and youth to cultural institutions.

“Today the share of the cultural product for children under the age of 16 is 33.4% of the total number of all events. Here are children's subscriptions, children's performances, and educational projects, ”such figures were given by Irada Ayupova.

“After analyzing current statistical forms, we saw that institutions evaluate in terms of the availability of content for children, rather than the infrastructure, which provides the possibility of comfortable presence  both adults and children at the same time. Now the age when a child is first brought to cultural institutions is steadily decreasing. And institutions should be ready to receive parents with one-year-old children, the speaker continued.

According to the minister, attempts to adapt a cultural product intended for a children's audience to the perception by adults are not true, and may cause a negative reaction from the audience. "The activities of cultural institutions today must come out of the familiar comfort zone, along with the traditional forms of work with children and youth audiences, be open to the experiment," she said.

Separately, Irada Ayupova focused on  connection of culture and education, when the cultural component is introduced into the educational sphere and is used as a promotion system. So, the Tatarstan project “Cultural diary of a schoolchild” over the course of five years of its implementation has shown its effectiveness. “We are pleased that Tatarstan entered the list of pilot regions where this project will be tested on a nationwide scale,” the minister noted.

The republican cultural and educational project “Cultural Diary of a Schoolchild” has been implemented in Tatarstan since 2014. More than 185 thousand primary school pupils  (grades 1-4) take part in it annually. Through the project “Cultural Diary of a Schoolchild”, a system of interaction between  cultural institutions of the republic with children and their parents was developed. A printed edition has been created, allowing to get acquainted with the culture in a form accessible to children.

In addition, there is a mass resource of cultural education with elements of a social network - the portal “Cultural Diary of a Schoolchild”. Children cultural events are announced there, news about important cultural and historical events, interesting excerpts from children's blogs are announced, and children discuss various cultural events. Every year, the winners of the competitions The Most Active User of the Site, The Best Cultural Diary of a Schoolchild, the Most Cultural Parent, attend the Republican New Year Tree, and are invited to a festive ceremony dedicated to awarding the winners.

She also told colleagues about the new project “Children to Children”, which   has started this year. Within its framework, students of the Kazan Art School named after NI Feshin prepared a series of illustrated methodological (educational) manuals, at which junior schoolchildren can consolidate the material they studied on the study of the Tatar language and the history of Tatarstan.

Speaking about the change of approaches, the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan cited as an example the project “Library in MEGA” implemented by the National Library and Yandex.Taxi together with the shopping center MEGA Kazan. “Parks, shopping centers, airports, and railway stations are excellent channels for promoting culture,” said RT Culture Minister Irada Ayupova.


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