The State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan discussed the development prospects of the museums of Gayaz Iskhaki and Rizaeddin Fakhreddin

8 November 2018, Thursday

Today, at a meeting of the Committee on Education, Culture, Science and National Issues, parliamentarians reviewed the status and prospects of the Gayaz Iskhaki Historical and Memorial Museum in the village of Kutlushkino, Tchistopol district, and the Rizaeddin Fakhreddin Memorial Museum in the village of Kichuchatovo, Almetyevsky district.

Committee Chairman Razil Valeev recalled that at the end of October members of the Committee made a working visit to the Tchistopolsky district, where they visited the Gayaz Iskhaki Museum in the village of Kutlushkino. The parliamentarians discussed the preservation of the creative heritage of an outstanding Tatar writer, social and political activist.

Recently, Chairman of the Committee noted, there have been many appeals from citizens, public organizations, and creative associations of writers about the need for state support of the institution.

“We cannot say that nothing is being done, certain attempts are being made in this direction. However, no results so far. Experts calculate how much money is needed for the overhaul of the building. There are many problems, but, in the first place, the situation with visiting the museum is complicated by the lack of an access road, ”Razil Valeyev outlined the relevance of the issue under consideration.

During the on-site meeting, parliamentarians suggested that the museum should be included in the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan or left as part of the Tchistopol State Historical-Architectural and Literary Museum-Reserve and transferred to the city of Tchistopol. At the same time, alarmed villagers after the visit of parliamentarians sent a letter to the State Council stating that if the museum was moved to another place, this would adversely affect the future fate of Kutlushkino.

Director of the Chistopol State Historical-Architectural and Literary Museum-Reserve Alexander Pechenkin also drew attention at today's meeting to the deplorable condition of the road.

“Tourist buses on the road that is now, can not pass. We had cases when the buses, reaching the village, where the bad road, turned around and left. This is a complex problem, ”he said.

Head of the executive committee of the Tchistopolsky district, Edward Khasanov, voiced the position of the district leadership, which boils down to moving the museum exposition to the city of Tchistopol. “We have historical publications, objects of cultural heritage. We also have plans in the future to create a center of culture for the Tatar people, on the basis of which it is proposed to place the Gayaz Iskhaki museum, ”he noted.

Danil Salikhov, Chairman of the Writers' Union, focused on the fact that even if the exposition was moved to the city of Tchistopol, then the road needed to be repaired. Since the villagers "should not go all year round in rubber boots through the mud."

Rimma Ratnikova, Deputy Chairman of the State Council, noted that the country has a program for the construction of roads in rural areas. “Why don't you strive to get into this program? Or do you have so many destroyed roads in the area? ”- Rimma Ratnikova addressed head of the executive committee of the Tchistopolsky district. The answer was not followed. She also added that in the region the Tatar culture is not fully represented.

The meeting also referred to the museum of the world-famous orientalist, teacher, educator, historian Rizaeddin Fakhreddin, who is located in the village of Kichuchatovo, Almetyevsk region. It is worth noting that in 2019 he will be 160 years since the birth of the enlightener.

Deputy Minister of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan Damir Natfullin noted that the need for repairs to the museum building is obvious, but the Ministry does not have the financial resources to do so. “Nevertheless, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic is ready to develop a concept for improving the tourist attractiveness of the museum,” he said.

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