From October 30 to November 6, the IX International Theater Festival of National Drama Theater named after Karim Tinchurin will be held.

20 September 2018, Thursday

This year the festival is dedicated to the 131-th anniversary of the birth of the playwright, actor and director - Karim Tinchurin and the 85th anniversary of the founding of the Tatar State Drama and Comedy Theater named after K. Tinchurin. In the program of the festival:

October 30 - K. Tinchurin - "The Last Play", the director of the play - Zagidullin R.M. - Chief Director, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan - Tatar State Drama and Comedy Theater. K. Tinchurin.

In the country there are great upheavals. At this time a young talented writer Suleiman Timerbaev falls in love with a beautiful girl. However, the enamored young man is instantly deprived of everything: work, housing, passport, money, friends. In this tragic period of life, those from whom he is waiting for help, betray him, and perfect strangers for him help and save people. He several times remains face to face with death, but at the last moment, his love saves!


October 31 - B.Salyakhov - "Beloved, devoid of love", the director of the play - Kazakbaev I. - Naberezhnye Chelny State Tatar Drama Theater.

The suffering that fell to the share of humanity during the Great Patriotic War, with years are forgotten, go into oblivion. To this day, it is not known the exact number of young girls, teenage girls and women who died in the Soviet labor camps. They died from exhausting and hard work, diseases and hunger, bullying of overseers. In one of these camps, fate brings three girls - teenagers: Russian Katya, German Anna - Maria and Tatarochka Il'tsiyar. Severe working conditions, unbearable life in the camp, cruel treatment are pushing girls to escape.

November 1 - Mayorov-Shketan J. - "Me, Erener", the director of the play - Alekseyev R. - the main director of the theater, the People's Artist of the RME - Mari National Theater named after M. Shketan.

The action in the play takes place in the middle of the twenties of the last century in the Mari village. A multifaceted picture of the life of the village is being recreated, where a struggle of new forces for the reconstruction of life takes place, the awakening of the national intelligentsia. The protagonist - Eva Petr, the son of a peasant, worked for several years at the Ural plant and returned to his homeland. He is shown in meditation, in action, in the desire to really transform the life of the working peasantry.

November 2 - R. Rashidov - "Guglakhai", the director of the play - Ibragimov M.A. - Dargin State Music and Drama Theater named after O. Batyray.

The main heroine of the fairy tale - Guglakhai - is a fabulous bird living in the forest. It brings joy and a rich harvest to all. But it has to give her chicks one by one to save the forest from the bloodthirsty wolf. Having given the last chick, Guglakhai prayed for help to the shepherd, and her friend - a wise fox called a storyteller who gave her his magic power. Then a clever plan appears, how to defeat the evil wolf.

Having fallen into the abyss, the wolf dies, and all who he ate gain freedom. In this fairy tale good triumphs over evil, and even the wolf in its finale magically revives and, realizing its mistakes, becomes a friend of the forest inhabitants.


November 2 - K. Tinchurin - "Extinct stars", the director of the play - Garipova R.I. - The Tatar State Drama and Comedy Theater named after K. Tinchurin.


1914 year. Time and events of history ruin human lives, and inevitability and evil fate gravitate above everything. The fate of ordinary peasants is already predetermined. And only pure hearts that are waiting for happiness and continue to love strongly, sincerely, deeply defeat even Death itself ...


November 3 - F. Iskander - "Rabbits and boas", director of the play - M. Argun - Abkhazian State Drama Theater named after S.Ya. Chanba.

The play, which lasts only an hour and a half, according to the idea of the production designer Alexei Shervashidze-Chachba, is filled with minimalistic scenery and costumes: the slightly whitened faces of the "rabbits" are crowned with beads from newspaper sheets, and boas, dressed in dark raincoats, swallow their victims with huge nets. But with all the external simplicity in the play, there are many complex philosophical dialogues and monologues about the life around us, its contradictions and the intricacies of relations between people.

November 4 - U. Azim - "Where dawn begins", the director of the play - Khalmuminov A. - Uzbek National Academic Drama Theater.

At the heart of the staging is a famous parable that attracts its moral message to the modern spectator. The play tells about simple human relationships through which such important thoughts as love to the Motherland, to the mother, to the child are shined through. The performance is imbued with heroics, lyrics, poetics of feelings. All this is expressed in the unhurried rhythm of the stage narrative about the complex vicissitudes of the heroes' destinies.

November 5 - A. Gilyazov - "Forgive me, the earth" (Three arshins of the earth "), the director of the play - Maynagashev Yu.M. - Honored Artist of the RK, Honored Artist of the RKh - Khakass National Drama Theater named after A.M. Top.

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