Tatars of Belgium teach Flemish women to cook chak-chak

11 March 2012, Sunday
On the eve of International Women’s Day, a meeting took place in Belgium town between Tatar and Flemish women. The union of “Tatars in Belgium” and women’s movement of the country KVLV got together for holding a culinary meeting. The interest to studying culture and people as a whole is manifested through a theme of national cuisine.
The initiator of master class on Tatar culinary became a head office of KVLV, located in Leven town .
The union of “Tatars in Belgium” taught Flemish women three popular Tatar dishes. Roasted meat, manty and chak-chak were selected from the national cuisine for entering a book «Ons Kookboek».
The guests received colorfully fashioned recipes of Tatar dishes in the form of postcards and booklets in Flemish language and watched process of their cooking. The dishes of dough were shown by professional cook-technologist Lilia Habirova, and the comments were given by chief of “Tatars in Belgium” Regina Valeeva.
Acquaintance with history of Tatars and modern Tatarstaners appeared to be a real discovery since no one of the present was in territory of Tatarstan.
Also, the issues of a role of woman in family and society, presence of analogical women’s movements, employment of women, problems of maternity and childhood were discussed.
Such actions, by words of chief «Tatars in Belgium» Regina Valeeva, create good –neighbor coexistence on foreign land , accenting originality of Tatar’s people spirit, enrichment of the world culture as a whole.
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