Elabuga united artists from 12 countries

12 July 2018, Thursday

In Yelabuga, the XIII International Art Symposium on Contemporary Art on the topic "Folk Games and Fun" has been   launched, organized by the Yelabuga State Museum-Reserve with the support of the Ministries of Culture of Russia and Tatarstan. On July 10, a traditional meeting of its participants with  general director of the museum-reserve Gulzada Rudenko was held in the Hall of Modern Ethno Art.

But in the beginning, two personal exhibitions by Dyulustan Boitunov (Republic of Sakha) and Viktor Dordzhiev (Republic of Kalmykia), who also take part in the symposium were held.

D. Boitunov for many years illustrates the epic heritage of the peoples of the North. His works are differed by decorative, color activity, the introduction of ornamental elements and the complication of the picture. He continues to experiment with techniques, with a picturesque surface, pays close attention to the compositions of the works. Bright individuality and skill of the artist attracts to his work the close attention of a wide audience and specialists. Victor Dordzhiev is a master of arts and crafts and folk art. Today, his works are in the National Museum named after N.N. Palmov Republic of Kalmykia, museums in Volgograd and Grozny, in the residence of the Dalai Lama in India, in private collections in the far and near abroad. The artist works with various materials: clay, bone, mammoth tusks and an elephant. At the exhibition in Yelabuga he presented works made of bone.

Welcoming the artists who came from 12 countries, G. Rudenko said that over 13 years in the art projects of the YSMZ took part over 700 contemporary artists who created over 1500 works. Every year the collection of the museum-reserve is replenished with new works. She also told that not only our compatriots, but also foreign audiences began to get acquainted with the collection of selected works of participants of international art symposia. In June, the exhibition "Wheel of Friendship" was opened in Bulgaria. Next in line are Slovakia, Portugal, Cyprus, Turkey, Germany. "I promised that your work will not be a dead weight in the funds of the YeMMZ," said Gulzada Rudenko, and they will walk around the world. So it happens. Thank you very much for coming to us, for leaving a particle of your soul and heart in the form of your creative work in Elabuga. "

Ahead,  the artists to hold a week, filled with creativity, communication and the joy of unity. The culmination moment, a real holiday for the artists and guests of the museum-reserve will be the final exhibition of works in the Exhibition Hall of the YSMZ, the opening of which will be held on July 17.

Contact information: Yevgenia Polikarpova, press secretary of the Yelabuga State Museum-Reserve, 8-906-333-38-99.

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