The La Primavera Orchestra has completed a tour of Europe

10 July 2018, Tuesday

In Europe, the Kazan Chamber Orchestra La Primavera went on the invitation of the famous cellist Mark Drobinsky. In their concert tour the musicians included performances in four cities - German Siegen and Lyon, Ekuyi, Le Bois d'Oeuil in France.

"The trip was short, but very busy. We gave concerts with different programs of very various formats. In Germany and near Lyon, we played in churches with remarkable acoustics. They were very warmly received by the local public, "- said art director and chief conductor of the orchestra Rustem Abiazov.

In Lyon, musicians from Kazan performed with the winners of the 13th International Piano Competition. And in Ekuyi the world premiere of "Kinomuzyka for two pianos and orchestra" was performed, the concert was given in the open-air format.

Tonight the musicians return to Kazan.

After a short vacation "La Primavera" will begin to actively prepare for a new concert season - 30th in a row. In a jubilee season the orchestra will take part in the prestigious music festival "Mad Days", will hold its own "Abyazov - Festival" and L'arte del arco, continue the projects "Ten Decade Brotherhood", "Tatar Stars from European Scenes", "Stars from Tomorrow" and others.

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