Lecture by Alexandra Danilova "Conceptualism and conceptual art"

12 February 2018, Monday

February 15 at 18:00 at the Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan will be the sixth event of the large lecture courses (lectures of MMOMA *) about the art of the XIX-XXI centuries of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the Gallery of Modern Art in Kazan - Alexandra Danilova's lecture "Conceptualism and conceptual art".

After the triumph of pop art, the "  The Cold 70s" came. The art of the new era has abandoned claims for a total reconstruction of the world, deepening into introspection. The conceptualism that emerged in the late 1960s became the theoretical peak of all the art of the 20th century, which proclaimed the beginning of the era of educated art. Now the viewer needed not only profound knowledge on the history of art, philosophy, culture, but a certain mood of the mind, ready for analysis.

In the focus of the lecture: Joseph Kossuth, "art after philosophy," Joseph Boyce, conceptual art of the 1980s.

About the lecturer: Alexandra Danilova - art critic, curator, senior researcher of the State Musuem of Ifine arts after  A.S. Pushkin, the author of publications on contemporary art, a specialist in American pop art and culture of the second half of the twentieth century.

* Lecture program  MMOMA in Kazan is a joint series of lectures by the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the Gallery of Contemporary Art of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts about the art of the end of the XIX-early XXI centuries. At the lectures we are talking about the main directions of the late XIX-XX century and their influence on the actual artistic processes. Lecturers are  delivered  by leading Russian art historians, historians, art critics and curators - staff of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and invited specialists.

Date and time of event: February 15, 18:00

Location: Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Kazan, Karl Marx street, 64

The cost of visiting 50 rubles (all categories). The price does not include visits to museum exhibitions.

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