In Kazan, a teaser of the new Tatarstan film "Mulla" presented

7 February 2018, Wednesday

The creative group of the film "Mulla" presented the first teaser of a full-length film. The shooting of the picture, based on one of the latest creations ин  the outstanding Tatar dramatist Tufan Minnullin, was completed in August 2017. Currently, the film is at the last stage of production.

On the screen is a dashed retelling of the plot, where you can see images of the main characters, the main locations and the most spectacular fragments of the film.

The main part of the filming took place on the territory of the Atninsky Municipal District of Tatarstan. The place is chosen not by chance: the production of the Atninsky Theater is one of the best versions of the play based on a famous play.

"Mulla" is the debut film in the genre of the full meter by young filmmaker Amir Galiaskarov. A double debut is directed by the main director of the Atninsky Theater Ramil Fazlyev: in the film he played the main character and acted as a director for working with actors. For one of the roles of the film  the famous Russian actor Marat Basharov was invited.

The film "Mulla" is an instructive story that touches upon the problem of the disappearance of villages, the regress of the spirituality of the remote place.

The release of the film is expected this spring. And in September, "Mulla" will be announced for participation in the Kazan International Muslim Film Festival. And if it be approved by the selection committee of the festival, it  will participate in the competition.

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