Theatrical art of the Republic of Tatarstan suffered an irreparable loss

12 January 2018, Friday

Theatrical art of the Republic of Tatarstan suffered an irreparable loss - on January 11, the prominent actress of the Tatar theater, People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan Galeeva Assia Amirovna, died on her 89th birthday.

A.A. Galeeva was born on April 25, 1929 in the village  Kyzyl Yar of the Bavlinsky district of Tatarstan. Graduated in 1949 GITIS named after A.V. Lunacharsky. From 1949 to 1950 she worked as an artist in the Tatar group of the young spectator's theater. In 1950 she was invited to the Tatar State Academic Theater named after G. Kamal. She organically merged into the glorified collective of Kamalovites, whose core was then composed by the founders of the theater G.Bolgarskaya, F.Ilskaya, K.Shamil, Z.Sultanov. From the meetings on the same site with the leading figures, contemporaries of Kariev and Gizzatullina-Volzhskaya, the artist was born with a sense of belonging to history. Step in her biography was the role of Guljamal in the play of the same name after N. Isanbet (1963), dedicated to the outstanding Tatar actress S.Gizzatullina-Volzhskaya - "the first swallow" of the Tatar scene. The public and Sahibzhamal Gizzatullina-Volzhskaya appreciated the work of the young actress as a magnificent creative achievement, as an example of spiritual living in the role and organic reincarnation.

right personality, beautiful scenic data allowed A. Galeeva to win great popularity among numerous fans of the theater. In her repertoire there are about 150 images in plays based on plays of Tatar, Russian, world drama, such as Cordelia - "King Lear" by V. Shakespeare, Verochka - "The Last", Nadia - "Enemies" by M. Gorky, Charlotte - "Heirs of Raburben" E. Zolya, Negina - "Talents and admirers" by A. Ostrovsky, Gaini - "Unfortunate youth"  by G. Kamal, Aisha - "Zifa", Zubarzhat - "Khuzha Nasretdin", Sarby - "Fugitives" N. Isanbet, Dilbar - " American "K. Tinchurina, Aisilu -" Torture "T. Hizzat, Pauline -" One Night "B. Gorbatova, Olga Petrovna -" Colleagues "E. Braginsky and E. Razy new, Beatrice - "old wives' tales"   by C. Goldoni, Dorin - "Tartuffe" by Moliere, Marina - "Provincial jokes"  by A.Vampilov, Dilbar Samatovna - "Destiny, which we choose" by T.Minnullin and others.

With the utmost dedication, A. A. Galeyeva worked on the upbringing of a young creative change. For many years she was the only highly skilled specialist in the subject of makeup art in the republic. She studied outstanding stage masters: H. Bigichev, Z. Sungatullina, R. Sakhabeev, R. Ibragimov and others. Leading the subject of the Tatar language culture at the Kazan State Conservatory, A.A. Galeeva made a great contribution to the preparation of creative personnel for our republic and the CIS countries.

The work of the recognized actress A.A. Galeeva left a unique mark in the Tatar theater art, becoming a national treasure. A bright memory of her will remain in our hearts.

The last 2 years AA Galeeva lived with her daughter in the Czech Republic.

"The bright memory of a talented actress will forever remain in our hearts," says the obituary signed by A. M. Sibagatullin, R. H. Gatiyatullin, F.R. Bikchantayev, I.Yakupov.

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