The Seasonal Season Ticket Season opens at the State Grand Concert Hall named after S.Saidashev

27 October 2017, Friday

An important place in the repertoire policy of the hall is occupied by educational and musical-educational programs for the whole family

October 29 the State Grand Concert Hall. S.Saidashev   hostы the first concert of the subscription season 2017-2018. The musical and literary fantasy "Snow Maiden" from the series "Fairy tales on  the sand" will be presented to the audience. A fabulous story awaits spectators, music by N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov in a live performance and sand animation.

Alexey Kalinichev, Alexey Zhuchkov and Aziza Bekmanova, vocalists Syumbel Sitdikova, Assia Mustafina, Nadezhda Yushmanova, as well as the State Chamber Choir of the Republic of Tatarstan will take part in the performance. Musical accompaniment - Quartet of folk instruments "Hearts of Four", Alisa Labzina (piano). Details of the first concert on the site of the State Concert Hall.

Dear journalists! We invite you to a concert. Accreditation is carried out by mail (Liana Abzalova, 89372850121). The beginning at 12.00. Waiting for you!

The State Grand Concert Hall named after S.Saidashev is a unique venue, during which many events take place during the season. The most important part of the activity of the hall is the educational direction and work with children.

In the new season, the audience is waiting for five programs. For family visits with children, the SGCH prepared three subscriptions. "Organ kingdom. Royal Tournament "will introduce young spectators to the" King of Instruments "and invite spectators to" fights "of the organ with string, wind and folk instruments. At the concerts of the subscription "Sound story" the audience will learn about the origin and peculiarities of the sound of various musical instruments. The subscription of "Fairy Tales on the Sand" will bring together famous fairy tales, which will be accompanied by classical music and sand animation.

The State String Quartet of the Republic of Tatarstan, by tradition, will offer the audience a subscription "Music by candlelight". The State Chamber Choir of the Republic of Tatarstan (headed by Milyausha Tamindarova) will continue the project "Choral Crossover", which has been recognized by the public.

From December 23, 2017 to January 6, 2018, the Christmas Festival will be held in the Concert Hall, which will include New Year's performances for children and a cycle of various evening concerts with the participation of the best artists of Kazan. The festival will be attended by: Andrei Rudenko, Olga Skepner, Yulia Ziganshina, Rustem Galich (New York), Chamber Orchestra "New Music" (director Anna Gulishambarova), folk instruments orchestra "Kazan Nuri" ( director Rasim Ilyasov), Russian Song Theater "Vorozheya" ( director Eleanor Kalashnikov), jazz orchestra "Fantasy" (director Yuri Kogan) also other artists and collectives.

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